Our Process

Without a full appreciation of state of mind, challenges, issues and inefficiencies are inevitable. Our goal is to understand and provide the missing expertise for each client and to apply that in the area that will make the most difference to them. Our programmes include an intake phase where we gain an understanding of the current situation, challenges and goals, an educational phase where we provide a working understanding of state of mind, and a follow up, application or support phase where we help clients apply, develop or continue their learning and development individually or as a team.
  • Introductory call

    We have a short call with you to find out what you are looking to gain from working with us. We will give you an idea of how we work so you know what to expect in regards to structure, flow and outcomes. At the end of this call we will agree on the desired objectives for working together. Once we have agreed objectives, we suggest a format that will achieve them most effectively.

  • Fact Finding Phase

    As part of our programmes, we want to talk to the people we are working with. We want to understand their challenges and objectives. If it is an organisation or team, it is important to understand the people, the processes and issues involved. This enables us to make the programme targeted and relevant to the individuals or group we are working with. It allows us to tailor each programme to the particular client and their needs.

  • Core Programme

    The core of each One Thought programme is an exploration of state of mind. Group programmes are typically three consecutive days and individual programmes are typically four. The programme will include presentations and discussions of the core material so that participants can consider what is being said and engage with it to better their own understanding and use of it. 

  • Follow Up

    Follow up is vital to our programmes. During the follow up we can see what people have learned and whether it is having the intended results. We check in with you as an individual or organization a few weeks after the programme to see what you've been seeing differently, what impact your new understanding is having on your life and business and to see if you have met your initial objectives. We are also there to help you with any areas where you might be stuck. Follow up can also be used for ongoing learning, support and mentoring.

  • Why It Works?

    When you don’t realise that your mind is affecting everything you do, you will come up with the same struggles time and time again and be left wondering why. At this point, most of us look for answers outside of ourselves. When you start to appreciate how your mind works, you can use it more effectively and naturally dissolve old patterns. Once you start to function more naturally, with a free mind you start to operate from a higher level of clarity so that problems look different and you literally have a different resource available to you.